Running for Office

Public service has long been entered into by those who see a community need not being met, so they believe running for office is their best choice. Those who are in a committed relationship might see their partner as someone helpful, but that person could feel that running for cover is their best option. Few people crave the centre of the stage when it comes to many parts of their life, and those who are in a relationship with someone suddenly seeking election could feel betrayed. They might see it as an affront to their privacy, or they could simply be frightened by the need to get out in front of the public.

Serving the community

There are times when the public as a whole rails against those who govern them, and they see things as being wrong. A member of society might believe they have a better solution to a hot issue, but they believe they are purposely being ignored. This is often when serving the community leads to a person running for office, and it is then that their significant other needs to be concerned about public appearances. Today’s voters are often under the misconception that every candidate’s entire life should be open to them for viewing, so those connected closely to the hopeful runner are scrutinized ruthlessly.

A private side

Even the most public of people have a private side to their life, but there seems little the press misses when digging for information. They might have been married for many years, but flirting with someone other than their partner will be found out eventually. Each candidate for almost any office finds today that every move they have ever made could come to light, and those who have a partner not willing to bear this type of treatment might find their relationship in trouble. It is less about love and more about exposure, and there is little anyone seems able to do about it.

Protecting the innocent

A candidate for office does have a responsibility to show the voters why they should be elected, but it does not mean they should tolerate their spouse, family or friends being hounded in any way. Protecting the innocent in this case could be the prime issue they really face during the election process, and they should not feel bad when demanding their long term partner be left alone. Their duty is to the person they love, and it is only their work that should be considered up for exposure when it comes to asking for votes on the issues.

It is seldom easy for people to be in a relationship with a partner running for office, but it can be made to work. Some spouses will make the adjustment to a more public life, but others will need to be sheltered to keep them from feeling too exposed. While many of them have no real reason to fear any type of exposure, the invasion of privacy is something the couple must consider when discussing this type of campaign and what it will do to their relationship.